Administrative Services

Custom Reports

Customized reports can be developed at cost based on any information in our computer.

Data Transfer

Data in the CLRC computer can be transferred electronically for use at breed association offices.

Breed Association Inquiries

Responding to telephone inquiries and letters and assisting in revising by-laws and policies when requested

Fees Received

Deposit fees received from breeders and special deposits from breed associations in the breed association bank account in Ottawa

Herd Books

Customized herd or stud books can be printed on request.

Mass Mailings

Mass mailings to members or non-members are available.


Maintaining an up-to-date membership list and issue cards for all new members and renewals. Lists, statistics and mailing labels are available for current, new or lapsed members. Mailing labels can be sorted by postal code, name, or in accordance with Canada Post’s National Distribution Guide for second class mail. In the case of associations with multiple breeds, lists, statistics and mailing labels are available for a specific breed. Membership renewal notices are available.

New Breeders

Lists of newly created accounts for non-members are available.


Lists, statistics and mailing labels for non-members are available.

Parentage Tests

Notices of required parentage test including blood vials can be mailed.

Progeny Lists

Lists of progeny are available to breed associations and individual breeders (covering one generation or all generations of descendants).

Secretary Duplicates

Copies of certificates can be sent to the breed association office.


Lists of registered tattoo letters sorted by breeder name or tattoo letters are available.


Registration and query facilities are available electronically.

Transfer Notices

Notices of all transfer of ownership and leases can be sent to the breed association office.


Design and printing of application forms, regulations, fee schedules, certificates, receipts and membership cards, unusual requests can be printed at additional cost.

Form Distribution

Form distribution as requested by breeders. Mass distribution of forms is at an additional cost.

Permanent Storage of Documents

Every application of registration, transfer, etc., as well as correspondence, is kept in readily available storage for a period between one and two years and thereafter is permanently available digitally.

Overdue Accounts

Interest is charged on overdue breeder accounts.


Maintaining an up-to-date copy of each breed association by-laws

CLRC Secretarial Services

The Corporation offers a secretarial service to breed associations that includes a complete management service or any part thereof. CLRC is currently providing such services to the Can ID project, General Stud and Herd Book, and complete secretarial services to the Dexter, Galloway, Blonde d’Aquitaine, and Red Poll Cattle associations and Miniature Horse association.
Other Services

Product Distribution

Distribution of Ketchum products including tattoo equipment, ear tags and CCIA national tags
Distribution of AVID microchips, readers and syringes


Production of forms and newsletters, catalogues, promotional materials, business cards and logos, etc., including design, printing and mailing. Word processing and spreadsheets are also available.


English-to-French and French-to-English written translation is available.
Promotional Materials

Promotional Brochure

Download CLRC’s booklet outlining the complete history of CLRC and its services below. A Record of the Records: The History of Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

New Association Package

A comprehensive package is available to associations to familiarize new staff with the operation of CLRC, and the working relationship between CLRC and the associations. New staff are also invited to spend some time in the offices of CLRC, familiarizing themselves with the operation. CLRC staff is always available by telephone to assist associations and their staff.

New Breeder Package

A package is sent to each new breeder outlining proper procedures, association rules, rules of eligibility for registration, fee structure, etc., to assist in taking maximum advantage of CLRC services.
Registration Services


Verifying applications in accordance with breed association rules, policies and by-laws, the Animal Pedigree Act and any other relevant laws

Tattoo Register

Maintaining a register of tattoo letters and issue receipts as new combinations are registered

Herd Name Register

Maintaining a register of herd names (prefixes) and issue receipts as new names are registered


Printing certificates for those animals with a properly completed application (can also be electronically transmitted) and maintaining a pedigree database


Printing embryo certificates to maintain proper control over embryo transfers


Recording changes of ownership of registered animals and embryos


Recording leases of registered animals

Fees Charged

Charging the fees for services provided to individual breeder accounts as specified in the breed association fee schedule

Account Statements

Printing an up-to-date statement each time a breeder submits work or fees. This statement provides a complete breakdown of funds including GST/HST in each breeder’s account.

Correction of Errors

Corresponding with breeders to correct errors on applications in order to avoid unnecessary delays and additional costs

Animal Listing

Pedigrees can be selected and sorted by several criteria and printed as a report.

Breeder Inquiries

Responding to telephone inquiries, emails and letters

Export Duplicate

Copies of certificates for exported animals can be sent directly to a foreign association or the Canadian breed office.

Extended Pedigrees

Pedigrees showing up to five generations of ancestry can be printed for use by the breed associations or individual breeders. In addition, a printout of all ancestry for an animal in the computer is available regardless of the number of generations.

Herd Inventories

Lists of animals owned or sold by a breeder can be printed.

Herd Names

Lists of herd names sorted by herd name or by breeder name can be printed.

Semen Certificates

Semen certificates can be issued to control the registration of animals resulting from artificial insemination.

Semen Transfers

Semen ownership records can be maintained to control registration of animals resulting from artificial insemination.

Stallion Reports

Maintaining a record of services listed on stallion reports to better control registration of offspring

ROP Data

ROP data is printed on certificates.
Identification and correction of pedigree discrepancies between ROP and registry

Electronic Data Transfers

Between CLRC and: association offices, genotyping labs, national and regional genetic centres, magazine publishers, breeders

Electronic Herd Book

Member and pedigree Information is posted in each association’s section of the CLRC website.

Fully Integrated Database

CLRC offers a fully integrated database including both registration and performance information.
Reports (sent to breed office)

Weekly Reports

Tattoo, herd name and membership receipts
Changes in breeder information
Deposit totals

Monthly Reports

Transaction Statistics
Membership Statistics
Fee Breakdown
Aged Accounts Receivable
Import/Export Statistics
GST/HST Reports

Annual Reports

Detailed registration breakdown by breeder
Detailed registration breakdown by sex, province, and breed
Listing of breeder accounts
Annual reports and financial statements